Sunday, January 15, 2017

Moving On

I've moved house. I was feeling unsatisfied, a little embarrassed, and definitely out of place. I need a change, a new space. 

So, I would like to direct you to my new blog, called "my own allegory," which you can access here. It's a little more mature, a tad bit gritty, and way more honest. I hope you enjoy it.

I've loved Stars, Books, & Bowties, but it is a house that I've needed to move on from. It will still stand and hold all of the memories that I've had with it, but I probably won't come back to revisit it. I hope you understand.

See you at the new digs,


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bookworm | Why Has Every Book I've Read in the Last Month Contained a Shitty Kid?!

All right so. Life has been busy and stressful and generally an emotional roller coaster. I'll explain once I am out of it.

I've read, like, two books this summer. Both of them are part of my proclaimed favorite series. Both of them did not meet my expectations. The biggest reason is because our favorite heroes procreate and have shitty children. Let me rant review.

Drums of Autumn (Book #4 of the Outlander series)

I heard somewhere that Gabaldon admitted that she doesn't write linear, and I completely believe that. This is the first book where I really had to take a step back and wonder how neither her nor the editors caught the inconsistent pacing. I mean, we spend pages on medical exposition (and as a newbie to that sort of thing, I don't mind in the least), but half a page on important scenes such as Jamie meeting Brianna. OR, even worse, is sometimes we don't even get the big scenes at all!!!! Claire, Jamie, and Brianna mention important conversations that happened off screen---something that should NOT happen with a 800+ page tome! C'mon now.

Second, my biggest issue is with the characterization. Brianna is an asshole. Here's my main point. Yes, she originally was upset when Claire first told her everything that had happened. Even then I thought she was a brat, but it was at least a bit more understandable. HOWEVER, then when she (spoilers, obviously) goes back in time, she's STILL an asshole--especially to Jamie. Look, I know he's not your wuv wuv Daddy Frank, but show him some respect. Also, just because Gabaldon keeps telling me that Brianna and Jamie are alike, does NOT mean that I believe it!!!!! Yea, they have tempers but at least Jamie isn't intentionally cruel.

Also Claire is a wet blanket that both Jamie and Brianna take turns wringing out throughout the book. I don't know where her personality went but I hope I find it again in The Fiery Cross.

Because, despite all that above, I still love the series and will continue to read it. Rant over.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Apparently it's Book #8. I refuse to believe this)

Look, I get it. I know it's not completely written by J.K., it's just a screenplay, etc. But what a hot, hot mess for the people who will consider it canon. Yes, the screenplay contained parts that maybe were okay (re: the Malfoys), but everything else felt gratuitous and forced. Albus Severus is actually the worst---no, perhaps Rose is. Much like Brianna above, he knows everything that happened to his parents and still whines like a spoiled brat. Scorpius is honestly the only reason why I didn't throw the book across the room. The Trolley Witch felt like a bad acid trip. As the years went by (which also felt weird as hell!) I felt like they were attempting some sort of paralleled trio thing between Albus, Scorpius, and Rose but it didn't work. Speaking of the trio, Harry, Hermione, and Ron all seemed completely out of character (and yes I'm defending Ron. He's never been my favorite, but he was not a complete idiot in the series like he is in this play). The parallel universes were ALL gratuitous--the Albus scene was uncomfortable, the Snape scene was better but still felt weird, everything with Cedric felt bizarre and an issue that we all dealt with three books ago. And what an insult to the character of Hermione Granger to write that she would be a bitter, resentful bitch if she didn't end up with Ron Weasley. Utterly unbelievable.

The biggest thing? The plot holes. They were so big that I could step in and out of them like hula hoops. Please don't try and convince me that things happened behind the scenes of a book that always already published. I won't believe them. And don't try to convince me that Bellatrix slept with Voldemort. AND please do your homework for your own book because half the jobs that our favorite characters had at the end of Deathly Hallows were NOT the same ones in Cursed Child!

If you want to write a new, original play, then please write a new, original play. Using the same characters and revisiting the same plots creates issues for the characterizations, the fans, the canon, and the magic of the world that seems to be completely undermined.

*drops mic*

I'm going to go read books that will make me happy now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Musings | Life Update

Ugh, I'm the worst blogger EVER.

Popping in to say that I'm not dead, I still have blogging ideas, but I haven't been in a great place for about a month and a half. When I'm not happy mentally, I tend to hit writer's block pretty hard. With no motivation to go anywhere. So. There you go.



Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beauty | MAC Lipstick Collection

I feel like every blogger needs to document their MAC collection, so I think it's about time that I throw my two cents into the bunch. Here are the shades that I've accumulated within the past few years.

 # 1: MAC Plumful. A gorgeous color in the spring, it goes with pretty much everything. It's easily build-able, so you can wear any way you like, whether that's a lighter, pinky color or a darker plum.
 # 2: MAC Creme d'Nude. I look like death. I've had this shade for ages, and I think it's time that it gets retired after I finish this post. Look at it. I'm the Ghost of Christmas Past.
 #3: MAC Mystical. This lipstick was part of the mermaid/water/raindrops collection (whatever it was called), and after trying it, I had no need to look further for my everyday shade. It's awesome, and it's definitely a year-round shade.
# 4: MAC Crosswires. This is a lipstick that I should wear more but never seem to remember that I have. Whenever it does catch my eye, it's always a little too pink or too bright for the look that I'm going for that day. The color is just never right at the right time.
#5 MAC See Sheer. My all-time favorite lipstick, though the next
one may have replaced it. This is the perfect red; it's not too loud, too bright, too fire engine-y (why yes, that's a new word). I love this color. I'll probably wear it today.

#6: MAC Bric-O-La. To me, this color is the perfect winter counterpart 
to See Sheer. It's a bit darker, warmer, creamier, and overall a shade that makes me want to cuddle up by the fire (yes, a lipstick makes me want to cuddle). I love this, but it does tend to get a bit dusty during the toasty months. See you in October, my friend.

There they are! Too much? Too little? After typing this up, I'm reevaluating a few (goodbye, Creme d'Nude).  However, MAC lipsticks are my favorite lipstick formula; they have great durability, an amazing smell, and they're not too tacky or uncomfortable on the lips. So I'm sure even if I weed out a few, there will be more that fill their place.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wanderlust | Boston

I came to the shocking realization that I've recently traveled and didn't even blog about it! Dang, I'm rusty.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bookworm | The Colossal 2015 Goodreads Challenge

I've been a blogging disappointment. I've promised more frequent posts, and then I moved. And then...two months passed. Let's just swallow that and move on, shall we? New April, new me!

But before that, a post that I promise ages ago. Here's what I did in 2015.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Musings | How Life Has Been A Beautiful, Hot Mess

Just....don't look at my latest post about my resolutions to blog more, okay?


Yes, these were taken on my iPhone because I can't find the cord for my camera.

Firstly, I've moved, and it's beautiful. The past month has been nothing but preparing, moving, buying, and settling. And, deep, lower back pains. But...let's ignore that, because I am.

Not to be super sappy, but I am incredibly joyful to be in this apartment and living with my boyfriend of nearly seven (!) years. It's time. The place is not without it's flaws (#1 being the absurdly painful monthly rent, #2 being the noise complaint that we've already received for simply walking around the, but it's also very wonderful in many ways. I now have a bath!!!! A bath!!!!! I can finally go into Lush and buy bath bombs!!!!!


On a less superficial note, we've moved not that far from our parents' homes, so it's a nice transition into adulthood without feeling like we've been blindly thrown to the dogs (because, life advice, adulthood is a scary place and I'd avoid it for as long as possible). Due to the move, however, I've been slightly disconnected from reading and my social media life. I can't really complain, because it was a nice break, but now it's time to return to this place. 

Second excuse is, of course, work. The nature of my job is that it revolves around college students, so when they return, we literally have to leave everything else that we care about and be at work for as long as necessary. Naturally, I've just been coming home and existing on my couch until it's time to go to bed (which is 10PM, not 12:30AM. Big changes, my friends). 

So, yea. I'm working on it.