Thursday, May 19, 2016

Beauty | MAC Lipstick Collection

I feel like every blogger needs to document their MAC collection, so I think it's about time that I throw my two cents into the bunch. Here are the shades that I've accumulated within the past few years.

 # 1: MAC Plumful. A gorgeous color in the spring, it goes with pretty much everything. It's easily build-able, so you can wear any way you like, whether that's a lighter, pinky color or a darker plum.
 # 2: MAC Creme d'Nude. I look like death. I've had this shade for ages, and I think it's time that it gets retired after I finish this post. Look at it. I'm the Ghost of Christmas Past.
 #3: MAC Mystical. This lipstick was part of the mermaid/water/raindrops collection (whatever it was called), and after trying it, I had no need to look further for my everyday shade. It's awesome, and it's definitely a year-round shade.
# 4: MAC Crosswires. This is a lipstick that I should wear more but never seem to remember that I have. Whenever it does catch my eye, it's always a little too pink or too bright for the look that I'm going for that day. The color is just never right at the right time.
#5 MAC See Sheer. My all-time favorite lipstick, though the next
one may have replaced it. This is the perfect red; it's not too loud, too bright, too fire engine-y (why yes, that's a new word). I love this color. I'll probably wear it today.

#6: MAC Bric-O-La. To me, this color is the perfect winter counterpart 
to See Sheer. It's a bit darker, warmer, creamier, and overall a shade that makes me want to cuddle up by the fire (yes, a lipstick makes me want to cuddle). I love this, but it does tend to get a bit dusty during the toasty months. See you in October, my friend.

There they are! Too much? Too little? After typing this up, I'm reevaluating a few (goodbye, Creme d'Nude).  However, MAC lipsticks are my favorite lipstick formula; they have great durability, an amazing smell, and they're not too tacky or uncomfortable on the lips. So I'm sure even if I weed out a few, there will be more that fill their place.

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