Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Musings | How Life Has Been A Beautiful, Hot Mess

Just....don't look at my latest post about my resolutions to blog more, okay?


Yes, these were taken on my iPhone because I can't find the cord for my camera.

Firstly, I've moved, and it's beautiful. The past month has been nothing but preparing, moving, buying, and settling. And, deep, lower back pains. But...let's ignore that, because I am.

Not to be super sappy, but I am incredibly joyful to be in this apartment and living with my boyfriend of nearly seven (!) years. It's time. The place is not without it's flaws (#1 being the absurdly painful monthly rent, #2 being the noise complaint that we've already received for simply walking around the, but it's also very wonderful in many ways. I now have a bath!!!! A bath!!!!! I can finally go into Lush and buy bath bombs!!!!!


On a less superficial note, we've moved not that far from our parents' homes, so it's a nice transition into adulthood without feeling like we've been blindly thrown to the dogs (because, life advice, adulthood is a scary place and I'd avoid it for as long as possible). Due to the move, however, I've been slightly disconnected from reading and my social media life. I can't really complain, because it was a nice break, but now it's time to return to this place. 

Second excuse is, of course, work. The nature of my job is that it revolves around college students, so when they return, we literally have to leave everything else that we care about and be at work for as long as necessary. Naturally, I've just been coming home and existing on my couch until it's time to go to bed (which is 10PM, not 12:30AM. Big changes, my friends). 

So, yea. I'm working on it.

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