Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bookworm | The Martian

After about five months at my job, I finally feel like I actually have my shit together.

Amazing, right?

I came up with the wonderful plan of starting a book club amongst the employees of my store, and the first meeting is tonight. And the first book is, you guessed it, The Martian.

...and I just finished it, you guessed it, this morning. Har. A creative writing major at her finest.

All right so the review:

The pros: Wow. 4 stars. I honestly really enjoyed this book. Mark Watney is friggen' hilarious and it just goes to show how much better things are if you have a positive outlook on life. I spent most of the book nodding and thinking, "that's exactly what I would say." It's great. The suspense is just enough that I was jazzed up by the end, but I wasn't necessarily sick to my stomach with anticipation. Though dang, those third person interjections of the planet really messed me up--you knew something bad was going to happen when Weir shifted from Mark's POV to the planet/equipment. No bueno. Anyways, the best line: "'Fuck you,' he said to the planet below." Trust me, it's fantastic in context.

The cons: It is so gosh-darn technical. Which, in logical sense, just goes to show how much research Weir put in to this book, considering that his occupation is not spacey. Yea, it reveals how nerdy he is about it, but damn. This author knows a lot about space. However, as far as reading it goes, especially in the beginning, it got really bogged down. There was some extreme skimming within the first 50 pages. 

And personally, as I said on my twitter, I kept being uncomfortably reminded of my C+ in high school chemistry. Well Mark, if you came up with a plan and it worked, props to you, but I certainly had no idea how the hell you figured it out. Ugh. Science. Shudder. 

Anyways, it's a great read. I highly recommend it, especially if you like spacey things. If you don't, it's worth reading just for the humor. 

"Look! A pair of boobs!-> (.Y.)"

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